Accessing WellCycle using Mobile Devices

Mobile Computing

Access your WellCycle Well Planning and AFE Management solutions on-the-go.

We are often asked if WellCycle Well Planning and AFE Manager can be accessed using a mobile device like a tablet or smart phone. The answer is Yes. Many of our users are accessing WellCycle via mobile devices with great success. In fact, the experience keeps improving as smart phone and tablet screens continue to grow in size, and more and more devices are offering a stylus for improved navigation.

The most effective way to enable WellCycle for your mobile device is to leverage remote desktop protocol (RDP). Users simply need to install an RDP app to their mobile device. We’ve found that the Microsoft Remote Desktop app works very well. Then use RDP to access your desktop computer, or an RDP-enabled server on your network. From there you can run Internet Explorer and access the full power of WellCycle from your mobile device.

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