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Alvarez & Marshall partner with Wellcycle for AFE Management
Learn how the analysts at Alvarez & Marsal view simultaneous operations as a key to efficiency gains in oil and gas exploration: Simultaneous Operations: The Key to Speed and Efficiency for Unconventional Oil and Gas By Alvarez & Marsal The push to cost-competitively exploit large, unconventional resource plays has driven exploration and production (“E&P”) companies to build lean and efficient ... More
Alvarez & Marshall partner with Wellcycle for AFE Management
In this case study, Alvarez and Marsal discuss the benefits of automating the AFE Creation and Approval Processes. Exploration and Production: An Alvarez and Marsal Case Study on AFE Workflow Improvement By Alvarez and Marsal As the company rapidly increased drilling activity and related capital expenditures, management recognized the need to assess and identify opportunities to better manage and develop ... More
Utiliei lean concept sin E&P article small image
In this white paper, Alvarez and Marsal address the benefits of Lean in the E&P space. Utilizing Lean Concepts In E&P: The Time For Lean Is Now By Alvarez & Marsal For many years, exploration and production (“E&P”) companies have focused on cost management during periods of rising drilling, completion and operating costs, periods of soft commodity prices or a ... More