Business Case for Well Planning – Benefits of Collaboration

WellCycle breaking down the Silos

When Wellcycle first engages with oil companies we assess the current state:

  • We commonly find Spreadsheets are the primary means of managing the Well Planning process
  • All departments work independently: Resource Development, Geology, Regulatory, Land, Facilities, Construction, Drilling, Completions, Production
  • All groups manage their own spreadsheets to track process and action items
  • Many of the same data items are duplicated in these departmental spreadsheets
  • The same data item is often different in one department’s spreadsheet from another
  • Often there are version issues where people are not getting their information from the most current spreadsheets. This issue is exaggerated as these spreadsheets get emailed from group to group with inconsistent frequency
  • There is debate over which group owns certain data points and which group provides the source of the truth
  • Each department has people allocated to gathering information to keep their spreadsheet up to date. This information is often gathered by making calls or sending emails to other departments. This is a very time consuming process that is replicated in all departments

WellCycle Addresses These Challenges:

  • WellCycle Well Planning provides a central repository of well data
  • The organization determines which department is responsible for each part of the process and who will maintain specific data points
  • Redundant data points are consolidated
  • All departments access the same data source
  • Spreadsheets are replaced by online views and reports pulling from this common source of data

Results / Benefits:

  • Creates a single source of the truth for well data
  • Eliminates redundant effort gathering data and updating spreadsheets, reducing resource costs
  • Reduces errors by eliminating redundant data points and versioning issues
  • Facilitates better decisions since departments are no longer making decisions based on incorrect or dated information
  • Facilitates smooth hand-offs between departments to expedite the well planning process

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