Announcing WellCycle AFE Manager, Version 2.0

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Software solution automates the AFE approval process.

WellCycle, a leading provider of software solutions to the oil and gas industry, today announced the release of WellCycle AFE Manager 2.0, a major upgrade to their AFE Management software solution.

WellCycle’s AFE (Authorization for Expenditure) solution provides oil and gas companies with a centralized solution to manage the AFE process. The solution streamlines the entire AFE process to simplify AFE creation and expedite time to approval. All AFEs are stored in a central repository to eliminate redundancy across applications and provide a “single source of the truth” for AFE information.

The system provides Web-based access to a central repository of AFEs, facilitating visibility, collaboration, and smooth handoffs between the disciplines involved in the AFE approval process. All AFEs are managed through a consistent approval process to enforce sound governance and SOX compliance.

The system provides the following strategic benefits:

  • Streamline AFE Creation – Quickly create AFEs of various types using AFE templates to assure consistency and accuracy.
  • Expedite AFE Approvals – Govern all AFEs through a consistent approval process, streamlining and automating the workflow, to significantly shorten AFE approval time.
  • Increase Visibility – Provide Web-based access to a single source of the truth for AFE information.

New features in WellCycle AFE Manager 2.0:

  • Dashboards & Analytics – Provide visibility to key AFE information and analytics through digital performance dashboards.
  • AFE Workflow and Approvals – Govern all AFEs through a consistent workflow automating electronic approvals and notifications.
  • Attach Documents – Store AFE-related documents, such as spreadsheets and other supporting documentation, in a central document repository.
  • Adaptable Platform – Quickly and easily adapt WellCycle AFE Manager to your unique AFE process and management requirements – without programming.
  • Integration with other Systems – The WellCycle open SQL Server database architecture allows data from other systems, such as Accounting or Well Planning, to be easily integrated with AFE data.

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