OilPro offers some interesting insight into what to watch in the oil industry: Five Most Important Things To Watch In Energy Markets Now by Kathryn Downey Miller, CFA Followers of the energy markets have access to more data than ever. This week we were treated to a new data set from the EIA, estimates for crude oil production based on ... More
Bloomberg Business shares promising signs for the Shale Boom: Shale Boom Shows Strength as Rigs Gain With Oil Under $60 by Lynn Doan and Dan Murtaugh For the first time in almost seven months, America’s shale drillers put rigs in oil fields back to work, and they’re doing it at a lower price. The last time they added rigs, crude ... More
Learn how E21 views the forthcoming Shale Boom 2.0: Shale 2.0: The Coming Big-Data Revolution in America’s Shale Oil Fields By Mark Mills, E21, Economic Policies for the 21st Century at the Manhattan Institute With petroleum prices down 50 percent over the past year, many analysts and pundits are predicting the end of America’s shale oil boom. Recent headlines include: ... More
The following Wall Street Journal article provides valuable insight into the next stage of the Shale Boom: The Shale Boom Shifts Into Higher Gear Oil production is becoming a modern manufacturing process, with frackers using the ‘just-in-time’ approach. By Donald L. Luskin And Michael Warren Click here view the article on… Have the American entrepreneurs who developed horizontal drilling ... More
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Learn how John England, US Oil & Gas leader for Deloitte LLP, views the challenges facing the oil and gas sector in 2015: 2015 Outlook on Oil and Gas Interview with John England, Vice Chairman, US Oil & Gas Leader, Deloitte LLP ​The price of oil has declined more than 40 percent since July 2014, potentially postponing higher cost new ... More
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Learn how the analysts at Alvarez & Marsal view simultaneous operations as a key to efficiency gains in oil and gas exploration: Simultaneous Operations: The Key to Speed and Efficiency for Unconventional Oil and Gas By Alvarez & Marsal The push to cost-competitively exploit large, unconventional resource plays has driven exploration and production (“E&P”) companies to build lean and efficient ... More
Access your WellCycle Well Planning and AFE Management solutions on-the-go. We are often asked if WellCycle Well Planning and AFE Manager can be accessed using a mobile device like a tablet or smart phone. The answer is Yes. Many of our users are accessing WellCycle via mobile devices with great success. In fact, the experience keeps improving as smart phone ... More
Oil Sands Magazine provides an interesting prospective on how falling oil prices may have some positive impacts on the territory: How Falling Oil Prices Might Actually Benefit the Alberta Oil Sands ​Although the media is quite gloom and doom these days, the oil sands industry isn’t dead yet. In fact, it will likely come out of this downturn stronger than ... More
When Wellcycle first engages with oil companies we assess the current state: We commonly find that spreadsheets are the primary means of scheduling activity dates throughout the Well Planning process Companies tend to track actual dates when activities are completed, but are not planning target activity dates to guide departmental priorities All groups work independently maintaining their own schedules: Resource ... More
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When Wellcycle first engages with oil companies we assess the current state: We commonly find Spreadsheets are the primary means of managing the Well Planning process All departments work independently: Resource Development, Geology, Regulatory, Land, Facilities, Construction, Drilling, Completions, Production All groups manage their own spreadsheets to track process and action items Many of the same data items are duplicated ... More
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Common Challenges Oil Companies Face in the Well Planning Process: The people who perform specific parts of the process (permitting, land leases, drilling plans, etc.) know their job extremely well Often the company can’t articulate their process from end-to-end, concept to production Operationally, all departments typically work independently: Resource Development, Geology, Regulatory, Land, Facilities, Construction, Drilling, Completions, Production Hand-offs are ... More
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Traditionally, E&P companies employed vertical drilling practices. Simply stated, they would select a site, build a pad, and drill a single vertical well on that pad. Modern drilling technologies – directional or horizontal drilling – have changed this paradigm. Now E&P companies can select a single site, but build a larger pad to house multiple wells, drilling wells in various ... More
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Learn what Deloitte views as the major challenges facing the oil and gas sector in 2014: Oil and Gas Reality Check 2014 A look at the top issues facing the oil and gas sector Deloitte’s Global Energy & Resources group is delighted to introduce its 2014 report which focuses on five of the primary challenges impacting the oil and gas ... More
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The old adage rings very true, “If you are failing to plan then you are planning to fail.” Upstream oil and gas companies are focused on improving their performance; this begins with effective well planning. In this article, Bain & Company does an excellent job of articulating why these companies must plan to be successful. Integrated planning: The key to ... More
Alvarez & Marshall partner with Wellcycle for AFE Management
In this case study, Alvarez and Marsal discuss the benefits of automating the AFE Creation and Approval Processes. Exploration and Production: An Alvarez and Marsal Case Study on AFE Workflow Improvement By Alvarez and Marsal As the company rapidly increased drilling activity and related capital expenditures, management recognized the need to assess and identify opportunities to better manage and develop ... More
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In this white paper, Alvarez and Marsal address the benefits of Lean in the E&P space. Utilizing Lean Concepts In E&P: The Time For Lean Is Now By Alvarez & Marsal For many years, exploration and production (“E&P”) companies have focused on cost management during periods of rising drilling, completion and operating costs, periods of soft commodity prices or a ... More
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