InVision 2015 – Available Now for Download

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The InVision 2015 platform (Version 10) is available now for download.

Existing Customers – Click Here to Download the InVision 2015 Platform

InVision 2015 provides a platform for organizations to adapt and deliver customized business solutions. Firms can automate a consistent and repeatable process to increase efficiency, improve collaboration and better utilize critical resources. Our WellCycle Well Planning, WellCycle AFE Manager, and WellCycle Project Office solutions are all powered by the InVision Platform. The InVision 2015 platform release will provide enhancements to benefit users of all WellCycle solutions. Learn More about InVision 2015

Download “What’s New in the InVision 2015 Platform”

Download “InVision 2015 Release Notes”

New Features in InVision 2015:

  • Costs Module – We have added a new “Costs” module to support the tracking of budgeted and actual costs on Projects or AFEs. Like all InVision modules it provides standard functionality including unlimited custom and calculated fields, detail form layouts, views, filters, links, discussions and workflows.
  • Wells Module –We have added a new “Wells” module to support the tracking of Well data for our customers in the oil and gas industry. Like all InVision modules it provides standard functionality including unlimited custom and calculated fields, detail form layouts, views, filters, links, discussions and workflows.
  • Enhanced Workflow Engine – We have extended our workflow approval capabilities to support complex approval chains based on budgeted amounts and approval authorities. Design custom approval chains or allow the system to route approvals up the hierarchy until approval authority has been attained. Define delegates and/or proxies to facilitate the approval workflow.
  • Mobile Approvals via Email – We have integrated email into our approval workflows so that managers on-the-go can submit approvals directly through their email or mobile device.
  • Resource Categories – Categorize resources using our new Resource Category field.
    Limit resource pull-down lists throughout the system by Resource Category to simplify searching and assigning resources.
  • Resource Scheduling Engine – We have added a new Resource Scheduling engine to facilitate specialized scheduling scenarios where tasks must be scheduled in serial through a constraining resource. For example, scheduling the drilling of oil wells constrained through a drilling rig resource.
  • Advanced Task Management – We have extended our Task module to provide advanced task management capabilities which may eliminate the need for Microsoft Project synchronization. Define Dependency relationships between tasks and allow the system to automatically reschedule tasks based on schedule changes, or establish Summary task relationships to rollup dates from sub-tasks.
  • New Fields and Date Rollups – We have added a whole series of the new date and currency fields to the Projects / AFE / Pads module. We have also provided the ability to define relationships between tasks in the Task Module and date fields on records in other modules. Automatically rollup dates and task status as the schedule changes.
  • Template Library – Create and store Task or Cost templates for different types of Projects, Pads, AFEs or Wells in our new Template Library. Automatically populate the InVision Task or Cost module with the appropriate items based on the selected template type.
  • Quick Attachments – We have added a new quick attachments feature to simplify the process of maintaining document attachments. Quickly and easily attach documents or URL’s directly to Projects, Pads, Wells, Issues, Risks or any InVision module record, using our new Attachments page. Click on the attachment link to download the document or follow the URL.
  • Discussion Routing – Maintain a web-based forum of announcements and discussions posts. Route posts via Email to a defined distribution list to improve visibility and collaboration.
  • Reporting Enhancements – We have enhanced our reporting environment to support the file-based reporting standards within the most current versions of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. This new reporting environment simplifies the deployment and maintenance of SSRS reports and offers advanced functionality for graphical reporting.
  • New Report Library – We will deliver an updated library of standard SSRS reports in the new file-based format. These reports can be deployed as they are or used as templates by report developers as the basis for custom reports. We have also added a collection of new reports including a Task Gantt Report (to replace our current Gantt View), and a series of Well Planning and AFE reports to support our oil and gas industry customers.
  • Software Developer Tools – We have added a number of enhancements behind the scenes to provide software developers with more power and flexibility to extend solutions on the InVision platform, including custom tool bar buttons, scheduled reports, scheduled import/exports, and scheduled notifications. Later in 2015 we will release a software developers toolkit to help external developers utilize this new toolset.
  • Technology Upgrades – The InVision2015 platform provides technology upgrades to support the most recent Microsoft platform releases, including: Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 & 11, Windows Server 2012 & 2012R2, Windows 8 & 8.1, SQL Server 2008R2, 2012 & 2014, SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 & 2014.

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