Data Management

Data Management

Create a central web-based repository for data and documents, enabling collaboration between groups and eliminating redundancy across applications and spreadsheets.


Workflow Management

Govern and automate your processes to facilitate approvals and hand-offs between groups and enforce sound governance and project management discipline.

Enterprise Reporting

Enterprise Reporting

Deliver powerful real-time reporting and analytics, harnessing the power of SQL Server Reporting Services, and distribute through InVision executive dashboards.

Platform Details

InVision 2015 provides a platform for organizations to adapt and deliver customized business solutions. Firms can automate a consistent and repeatable process to increase efficiency, improve collaboration and better utilize critical resources.

The platform can be installed on premise or accessed through the Cloud. Either way, InVision 2015 can be implemented quickly, offering rapid adaptation to a customers’ methodology and process. Our customers achieve immediate results in the form of improved cycle times, communications and competitive advantage. Over 500 companies across many industries have deployed business solutions powered by the InVision platform. Learn More…

InVision data center

Data Management

  • Design and build comprehensive data management solutions – all without programming
  • Provide a single source of the truth for data
  • Manage all data in a centralized Web-based repository
  • Facilitate visibility and collaboration between functional disciplines

Workflow Management

  • Design and implement workflows to manage and automate business processes
  • Govern your processes through stage gates to control that important components are not side-stepped
  • Embed electronic approvals within workflows to enforce necessary governance
  • Implement notifications to facilitate smooth handoffs between functional disciplines

Resource Scheduling

  • Oversee the scheduling critical resources, such as drilling rigs, completions teams, and construction crews
  • Optimize the use of valuable resources
  • Streamline and expedite the complex scheduling process
  • Provide visibility to a centralized schedule

Integrated Scheduling

  • InVision 2015 provides an integrated scheduling module for planning and tracking of activities
  • Functional disciplines can manage their cross-project activities while maintaining the ability to schedule each project from start to close
  • Activities can be automatically scheduled based on their dependency relationship to other activities within the integrated schedule
  • Target activity dates will automatically update based on changes in resource schedules

Strategic Benefits

  • Improve Cycle Times – Govern processes through a consistent workflow so that projects advance more quickly and efficiently.
  • Optimize Valuable Resources – Maintain an integrated schedule to optimize planning, reducing costs and maximizing the utilization of valuable resources.
  • Facilitate Collaboration – Provide a single source of the truth for data, improving visibility & collaboration throughout your business process, to facilitate hand offs between disciplines, break down barriers, and avoid costly delays.
  • Adaptability – Quickly and easily adapt the platform to your unique workflow and data management requirements – without programming. InVision provides the tools to adapt a solution to your unique needs. With point-and-click ease, you can configure your own fields, form layouts, views and workflows based on your own proven methodologies and best practices. The result is a solution that meets the needs of your business — not those of another company or a pre-defined model.

Platform Applications

The InVision platform includes a series of applications to perform critical functions in your complex business solutions:

  • Portfolio Manager – The InVision Portfolio Manager allows organizations to select the right portfolio of projects and deliver each one successfully. Automate the essential workflows of your lifecycle to improve delivery and outcomes. Increase visibility to the portfolio to provide critical insight into the health of your business, to identify risks and issues before they become problems, and make informed decisions.
  • Time Tracking – InVision Time Tracking utilizes the Web to promote seamless collaboration between project teams and business partners across geographies. Simplify and standardize the collection of project status and timesheets from globally dispersed resources, eliminating inefficient manual processes and reducing entry errors. Managers can quickly approve timesheets and instantaneously post status to schedules, improving project tracking and visibility, and reducing administrative overhead. .
  • Enterprise Reporting – Increase visibility and control across your enterprise with critical up-to-the-minute insight into your portfolio. InVision Enterprise Reporting includes over 100 easy-to-use, customizable reports to provide transparency to your portfolio and your business. Each report includes a variety of custom options that give companies the ability to find, track, and measure critical data. Companies can also design and integrate their own custom reports to support specific reporting needs.
  • Executive Dashboards – The InVision Executive Dashboard application puts an invaluable management resource at your fingertips. Executive Dashboards provide an at-a-glance overview of your entire project portfolio including initiative status, risks, issues, key deliverables, milestones and more. No more hunting for information from multiple sources. Dashboards give you a complete picture of the health of your business in a one-page snapshot, enabling informed decisions based on the accurate, real-time information.

InVision Modules

InVision 2015 provides standard modules to enable critical business solutions, including:

  • Project Management – Manage projects and project-related data in a central project portfolio.
  • Task Scheduling – Optimize schedules using InVision’s unique resource scheduling and task management system.
  • Resource Management – Track resource contact information and manage assignments and utilization.
  • Document Management – Attach documents, in any format, to be stored and versioned in a central document repository.
  • Wells Module – Track well data for oil and gas related solutions in the new InVision Wells Module.
  • Costs Management – Categorize budgeted and actual costs and calculate cost variances.
  • Issue Tracking – Track issues from identification to resolution in the InVision Issue Tracking Module.
  • Risk Management – Identify and assess risks in the InVision Risks Module.
  • Action Item Management – Track and assign action items in the InVision Action Item Module.
  • Requirements Tracking – Collect and track project requirements in the InVision Requirements Module.
  • Scope and Change Management – Manage change requests and scope creep in the InVision Changes Module.
  • Defect Tracking – Track bugs or defects from open to resolved in the InVision Defect Tracking Module.
  • Events Tracking – Track the schedule events in the InVision Event Tracking Module.
  • Lessons Learned – Document learnings and best practices in the InVision Lessons Learned Module.
  • Discussion Journal – Maintain and route discussion items related to various data points in your process in a central forum.
  • Custom Modules – Easily rollout custom data modules and workflows to support other business processes.

Technology Platform

The InVision platform employs a state-of-the-art technical infrastructure leveraging today’s most powerful technologies:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer – Users need only Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Web-browser to collaborate on the WellCycle platform.
  • Microsoft Server Platform – WellCycle leverages Microsoft’s Windows Server, Internet Information Server, and SQL Server to deploy a highly scalable and secure enterprise application.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services – Leverage the power of Microsoft’s enterprise reporting system to benefit from high-end business analytics.
  • Highly Secure – WellCycle employs a powerful security model addressing physical, network, system, and application level concerns offering maximum protection of your confidential data.
  • On Premise or In the Cloud – WellCycle solutions can be accessed through the cloud in our world-class, SSAE 16 certified data center, or installed on premise in your internal data center. Learn more about the WellCycle Cloud
  • Mobile Access – Access WellCycle from your tablet or mobile phone to review well information or update status on the go. Learn more about enabling WellCycle for mobile devices
  • Contact WellCycle for more information about WellCycle Well Planning

InVision Customers

Over 500 companies across many industries have implemented business solutions powered by the InVision platform: