Announcing WellCycle Well Planning, Version 2.0

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Software solution offers advanced scheduling to support a batch drilling process.

WellCycle Solutions, a leading provider of software solutions to the oil and gas industry, today announced the release of WellCycle Well Planning 2.0, a major upgrade to their state-of-the-art Well Planning and Lifecycle Management solution.

WellCycle Well Planning provides oil and gas companies with a comprehensive system to manage their entire portfolio of wells. The system provides a single source of the truth for well planning data, breaking down functional silos and facilitating collaboration and smooth handoffs between disciplines. Wells are managed through a consistent workflow, automating a repeatable process from planning through abandonment, to enforce sound governance and project management discipline throughout the well lifecycle. The system provides a comprehensive rig and completions scheduling function to optimize the drilling schedule and expedite first production.

New Features in WellCycle Well Planning 2.0:

  • Pad / Well Hierarchy – The data structure has been re-architected to support the capture of pad level data, and the assignment of wells to pads. Additional data fields have been incorporated to track key pad information.
  • Batch Drill Scheduling – The drilling and rig scheduling module has been enhanced to support the scheduling of a complex batch drilling process with multiple wells on a pad, and/or multiple drilling stages (surface, intermediate, production).
  • Completions Scheduling – A new module has been added to support the accurate scheduling of frac crews to completions activities on wells.
  • Task Scheduling – The WellCycle task scheduling module has been modified to support scheduling of all activities throughout the well planning process.
    • Task Templates – Custom task templates can be stored so that a common set of tasks are tracked for each pad and well.
    • Dependency Relationships – Tasks can be linked and scheduled based on other key dates in the well lifecycle such as the spud or rig release date allowing you see the immediate impact when schedules are revised.
    • Date Rollups – Key dates from the task schedule can be rolled up to the well or pad record so that they are easily accessible in forms, views and reporting.
  • Discussions – The discussions forum has been enhanced to support routing of posts regarding Pads and Wells.
  • Notifications – A series of standard email notifications have been implemented to facilitate smooth handoffs between disciplines along the well lifecycle.
  • Expanded Reporting – A series of new standard reports have been deployed to better support the Well Planning process:
    • Well Clearance Report – Spreadsheet-style report includes key well planning dates and data, with conditional formatting to identify at risk wells.
    • Rig Schedule Gantt Report – Report offers a Gantt representation each rig line.
    • Completions Schedule Gantt Report – Report offers a Gantt representation each frac crew.
    • Well Lifecycle Gantt Report – Report offers a listing of wells presenting a Gantt representation of all drilling and completions activity on a single row.
    • Task Gantt Report – This Gantt report presents the entire schedule of activities for a Pad or Well.

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