WellCycle Well Planning

Wellcycle Data management

Well Data Management

Attain a single source of the truth for well-related data and documents, enabling collaboration between groups and eliminating redundancy across applications and spreadsheets.

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Integrated Rig Scheduling

Maintain an integrated schedule to support planning and tracking of your entire upstream process, including critical pre-drilling tasks, the company-wide rig schedule, and completions activities.

Well Lifecycle Management

Well Lifecycle Management

Advance your wells through a consistent well planning process facilitating approvals and hand-offs between groups and enforcing sound governance.

Manage the detailed scheduling of the complex batch drilling process across your entire well portfolio

Product Details

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WellCycle’s well planning & lifecycle management solutions provide oil and natural gas exploration companies with a centralized solution to manage their entire portfolio of wells. All well planning data is stored in a central repository to eliminate redundancy across applications and provide a single source of the truth. The system provides Web-based access to a central repository of well-related data, facilitating visibility, collaboration, and smooth handoffs between the various disciplines involved along the well lifecycle, including: development, geology, mineral land, surface land, regulatory, facilities, construction, drilling, and completions.

All wells are managed through a consistent well planning process to enforce sound governance and project management discipline. The system also provides a highly specialized drilling and completions scheduling function to optimize the utilization of valuable resources and bring wells to production faster.

Well Data Management

  • Provide a single source of the truth for well data
  • Manage all well-related data in a centralized Web-based repository
  • Facilitate visibility and collaboration between functional disciplines

Drilling and Completions Scheduling

  • Oversee the batch scheduling of rigs, drilling, and completions activities
  • Optimize the use of valuable resources
  • Streamline the drilling and completions process to expedite first production

Integrated Scheduling

  • WellCycle Well Planning provides a single, integrated schedule for planning and tracking of all Well Planning activity, including critical pre-drilling tasks, the company-wide rig schedule, and completions activities
  • Each functional discipline can manage their own activities within the integrated schedule, while maintaining the ability to schedule each pad / well from planning to production
  • Activities can be automatically scheduled based on their relationship to other activities within the integrated schedule. i.e. Submittal of Permits should occur 90 days prior to the scheduled Spud date
  • Target activity dates will automatically update based on changes in strategic priority within the drilling schedule

Well Lifecycle Management

  • Plan and track activities for the various disciplines involved along the well lifecycle
  • Provide a highly specialized planning system that is tightly integrated with the drilling and completions schedule
  • Govern all wells through a consistent well planning process to facilitate approvals and handoffs between functional disciplines

Strategic Benefits

  • Improve Time to Production – WellCycle governs all wells through a consistent well planning process, streamlining the well lifecycle, so that wells advance to production more quickly and efficiently.
  • Optimize Valuable Resources – WellCycle’s integrated scheduling function optimizes the drilling and completions schedules to reduce costs and maximize the utilization of valuable resources.
  • Facilitate Collaboration – WellCycle provides a single source of the truth for well planning data, improving visibility & collaboration throughout the well planning process, to facilitate hand offs between disciplines, break down barriers, and avoid costly delays.

Key Features

The WellCycle system provides critical tools and modules to facilitate the well planning process, including:

  • Dashboards – Provide visibility to key well lifecycle information and analytics through digital performance dashboards.
  • Workflow Automation – Govern all wells through a consistent workflow automating notifications and electronic approvals.
  • Drilling & Completions Scheduling – Optimize drilling and completions schedules using Well Cycle’s unique resource scheduling system.
  • Document Management – Attach well-related documents, such as plats, prognosis, permits, submittals, and AFEs in a central document repository.
  • Adaptable Platform – Quickly and easily adapt WellCycle to your unique well lifecycle and data management requirements – without programming.

Technology Platform

WellCycle employs a state-of-the-art technical infrastructure leveraging today’s most powerful technologies:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer – Users need only Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Web-browser to collaborate on the WellCycle platform.
  • Microsoft Server Platform – WellCycle leverages Microsoft’s Windows Server, Internet Information Server, and SQL Server to deploy a highly scalable and secure enterprise application.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services – Leverage the power of Microsoft’s enterprise reporting system to benefit from high-end business analytics.
  • Highly Secure – WellCycle employs a powerful security model addressing physical, network, system, and application level concerns offering maximum protection of your confidential data.
  • On Premise or In the Cloud – WellCycle solutions can be accessed through the cloud in our world-class, SSAE 16 certified data center, or installed on premise in your internal data center. Learn more about the WellCycle Cloud
  • Mobile Access – Access WellCycle from your tablet or mobile phone to review well information or update status on the go. Learn more about enabling WellCycle for mobile devices

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